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I guess I always knew I wanted to write. I just never thought I would get published so soon! It’s been a roller coaster ride from quitting a very prestigious job as a Director and Associate Professor at a Business School to being a published writer.

~ Bhaavna

The subject for Bhaavna’s debut bookThe Deliberate Sinner came naturally to her…not because she is married; She is not! And also not because ! It came to her because she is an avid observer of people and is blessed to be surrounded by the most eclectic mix of people! None of them have become characters in her book, but all of them have inspired her in some way and are thus essentially a part of the script. The book is on the best sellers list on Amazon, even before she has had an official launch! Who would have thought? But hey, sometimes reality surpasses fiction!

The portrayal of life in the armed forces is realistically and humanely depicted in Bhaavna’s second book, “Mistress of Honour“.

A tight narrative which is an amalgamation of love, tragic sacrifice, war and well,life, the novel tells the story of mother-daughter duo Pansy and her daughter Rihana. While Pansy’s love story with Potnis unfolds in the time of Operation Blue Star, Advik and Rihana’s love must come second to his duty during the Kargil war. Will her love find its honourable destiny or will she remain the Mistress for the sake of Advik’s love for his country?

Both operations were crucial in the history of India and are extremely well researched and honestly depict the lives and choices of not just the soldiers but also their wives and families – the first casualties of war, in a manner of speaking.

How each character deals with the uncertainty of war, with the outcome of the wars, the presence of their loved ones on the front and eventually their absence is the essence of this beautiful tale. Bhaavna has managed to do full justice to both the army and the fictional love story in one clean sweep. The storytelling is light and fluid. Fun moments about the training are nicely interspersed with romantic interludes and poignant, heart-wrenching war scenes. This balance results in a book that is unputdownable!

Within two weeks, Mistress of Honour is already on the Amazon Top 20 List in the preorder section!