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bhaavna arora

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writing is like sex; you don’t have to wait until you’re an expert to begin doing it!

~ bhaavna arora


February 28, 2014 Poems

Cheats connived to fleece my fortune,
Drums beaten to sully my name,
Hounds unleashed to lick my flesh,
Blood deceived to bleed my soul,
You were there to suffer my tears.

Unloved, I defended the jungles
Wings clipped, I soared the skies
Limbs tied, I swam the seas
Blindfolded, I fought the fires
You were there to make liars of my fears.

In temples, I frenzied cymbals
In mosques, I knelt on knees
In churches, I lighted the candles
In gurudwaras, I prayed in silence
You were there as manifestation of my meditating years.

I’m now out of troubled years,
Roam free and have no fears.
Eyes sparkle with no more tears,
It’s you my love- you’ve no peers.

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