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Vice & Virtue

October 24, 2017 Poems

Vice & Virtue

Would you descend to guide me
to decipher false and true,
I’ve pondered all my life but
failed sorting vice and virtue .

For Mahavira, meat and wine
spelt incinerating hell ,
But Jesus saw no evil
to eat it and sell.

Mohammad didn’t
forbid feasting meat,
but castigated drunkards
banning wine treat.

Krishna found no vice
in loving someone else’s wife,
In spurning Shrupnakha’s overtures
Rama ran the risk of his life .

Jesus advocated absolute celibacy
till one’s breaths last ,
But Mohammad allowed his followers
to go unto their wives on the night of fast .

“You are raiment for them
and they are so for you,
Hold intercourse with them and seek that
Allah has ordained for you.”

And HE answered my prayers thus :

“Fear,lust, greed and anger
are emotions ruling us all,
Rein them ,the virtue rises
unleash and in vice we fall.”

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