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February 10, 2014 Blog

Why women are not good drivers?

 As we were getting late for a party, I hurriedly locked the doors behind us after picking up the car keys. When I opened the door of the car to get into the driver’s seat, my brother asked for the keys to drive which I reluctantly handed over to him.

I sat next to him, as he drove, with something stuck in my throat that was desperately wanting to come out .He must have driven a hundred meters only, to discover a traffic jam because of a car stuck due to the incompetency of the driver to reverse and park it.

‘She must be a woman,’ cried my brother and to no one’s surprise she was.

That something stuck in my throat now had come upto my tongue and I blurted out, ‘do you know why she is a woman?’

He looked at me questioningly and I replied to my own question, ‘because men like you take away the car keys from a woman. You take away their share of practice’.

Skills are honed through practice and men snatch those practice sessions. If men desire women to be good drivers, then they must teach them the same thing; let us not forget that every artist was first an amateur.

In the early period when humans were hunters and food gatherers, they moved from one place to other.  The concept of permanent settlement was not known. As they realized the biological limitations of women, in terms of their stamina, menstrual cycle and pregnancy, the men preferred to let them stay at one place and they went out hunting and returned back to their woman partners and children with food, as a result of which they developed skills like map reading and geography. They hunted with javelin and knives so they developed the skill of calculation of trajectory, speed and impact.

Therefore in general men till date make better engineers. Astronomy came to them naturally as they would follow the direction of stars to get back home.

They wandered and learnt where as women stayed at one place. They too developed certain skills like collection. Whatever their men brought, they collected and decorated.

They developed the skill of communication as they had to interact with their children. Therefore men usually don’t win arguments. Practice makes a man perfect and men have little. The women deprive the men of their share as they do not let them talk. Women have sharpened and honed their skills of communication and know the articulation well.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus as their evolution as humans has been different, but whatever the reasons for this difference, they live on the planet earth and they better deal with this fact  and hence each other.

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