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Replyto: Chetan Bhagat article…

September 21, 2015 Blog


Chetan Bhagat article:

Dear Chetan Bhagat
   Only if head could always rule the heart, we could have never won wars.
I don’t want to die, is what the head says.
I’ll die for my country to protect it’s freedom, is what the heart says……
So that writers like you can freely express their ridiculous views and modulate the average Indian against OROP.
If you can please visit Jantar Mantar, sit with the veterans and ask them their demand and then give a balanced analysis rather than giving a one sided opinion. They seek equality and respect against money.
The day a soldier starts thinking from all his head, you’ve no idea where a country with such a strategic location and neighbors will end. And trust you me if I can, I’ll ask the al qaeda  to blow up your house first. You may not be alive to answer but you’ll know what it COSTS to live in a free India since you’re talking about Costs.
Freedom costs soldiers, don’t let their morales go down with your stupid articles that THEY actually start thinking from their heads.
Bhaavna Arora
A daughter of the Armed forces family!


2 Comments on “Replyto: Chetan Bhagat article…

Keshav Arora
December 3, 2015 at 11:36 am

Do you know that before 1947 these veterans had the title of mercenaries who only fight for money for the British Crown? Do you know who made them TRUE SOLDIERS and transformed Royal British Indian Army to Indian Army? In 1946, the British Crown/Government was adamant to keep Armed Forces under its title and to give British Dominion Status to our country. Then what exactly made the mind of British Government to leave India, give Armed Forces back to India, and give Dominion Status with a future to India.

The day when these soldiers will get answer of these questions they will stop asking for OROP and first ask to crown those who made this possible.

June 6, 2016 at 6:18 am

@ Keshav
I feel bad for you that you are one of them who dont know iota about soldiering but still have moral strength to pen your thoughts against the glory earned by your own soldiers. Dear they are your own and mind you it’s not the money for which they are fighting. Thinking laterally is good but pl be careful not to hurt the sentiments of those who have lost a lot for people like us.


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