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bhaavna arora

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writing is like sex; you don’t have to wait until you’re an expert to begin doing it!

~ bhaavna arora


Some of her ramblings!


A moth is sacrificed to the candle and for the thirsty a spring, A true lover is a sacrifice to the loved one be it a pauper or a king. For being in love no one can give the reasons,
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I measured time between his absence and presence, I tried to listen to my heart That was not ready to part And now I measure time that prolongs our distance. Like a lunatic, I waited for the full moon…
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Do we really know What we are fighting for……………….? ………….. Dressing up like men? Or……….Drinking and smoking like men?
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When Cheats connived to fleece my fortune, Drums beaten to sully my name, Hounds unleashed to lick my flesh, Blood deceived to bleed my soul,
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Let’s transfigure ourselves into Phoenix, To let our endings and beginnings mix. Let love be no longer the villain, But our consort for ages million.
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Why women are not good drivers? As we were getting late for a party, I hurriedly locked the doors behind us after picking up the car keys. When I opened the door of the car to get into the driver’…
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