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bhaavna arora

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writing is like sex; you don’t have to wait until you’re an expert to begin doing it!

~ bhaavna arora


Some of her ramblings!

A Bright De

Everyone has a life changing moment in their lives and 15th May 2015 encompassed that moment for me when I got to meet my inspirer, Ms Shobhaa De. When we talk about women contribution to our socie…
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WHETHER WAR OR PEACE! Life was literally a race for Niki Lauda and James Hunt when they risked their lives against all odds just to finish one second before than the other. It required something beyo…
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Taken or Not. I can empathize. Can you? While watching the Hollywood Blockbuster, “Taken” where a father, a former CIA operative moves heaven and earth to save his daughter from a prostitution…
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My selfish desire Was like a barbed wire, Why did the people object Made fuss, condemn and reject? Isn’t clay lifeless, sans the act? My selfish desire Was to be in such an attire,
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Grieve not my kinsmen but just look around, Behold! I’m reborn in this cremation ground. It wasn’t me
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Be caught in chains of mental slavery, and then call it an act of bravery? Only if we could free our warped minds, and listen to the rhythm celestial that spellbinds. Our little prudence first made c…
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