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September 4, 2014 Blog


Life was literally a race for Niki Lauda and James Hunt when they risked their lives against all odds just to finish one second before than the other. It required something beyond passion to have a reason to die for what they wanted to live up to.

   What do our soldiers at a height of 5400 mts with a freezing cold that can wear off the tissues from their fingers to the memory in their brains are ready to die for? I’m not a soldier so can never answer that question because that feeling is characteristically individual. Is it for the Sixth Pay Commission, is it for the love of his country, is it for the valor, medals or pride, is it for protecting mere civilians like me and you or is it something beyond this that he is ready to take the bullets on his chest?  What gives them that grit and determination that he can go beyond the call of duty? Its just unexplainable!

   The way a mother brings up his son is reflected in his behavior. A well-groomed son is a pride of a well educated mother as much as a well-groomed employee epitomizes an effective organization.

What do you call an organization that grooms it’s employee soldiers to a level of undaunting courage with steel nerve and selfless sacrifice?

I salute the Indian Armed Forces for successfully carrying out the rescue operation in J&K.

 The good always prevails over evil, love over hatred and peace over war.

If this is what Armed forces can do for hatred, why can’t we try loving them?

Thank you for being there for me and my country always!

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