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bhaavna arora

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writing is like sex; you don’t have to wait until you’re an expert to begin doing it!

~ bhaavna arora


My Murderer

Why has my murderer now confessed his crime, I’m long dead and forgotten that time. Hail his kindness! I’m rid of my pains, But sad at the nemesis, My murderer is in chains. O God! To my murderer be kind, Who doesn’t have a vicious mind! He has murdered me […]

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The Belly

Your belly opened up And I came into being I thought you suffered. You toiled your nails in mud I thought you suffered again. Alas! It were true You threw me out Of your belly As you had no food For me And you sharpened Your nails in mud To […]

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Vice & Virtue

Vice & Virtue Would you descend to guide me to decipher false and true, I’ve pondered all my life but failed sorting vice and virtue . For Mahavira, meat and wine spelt incinerating hell , But Jesus saw no evil to eat it and sell. Mohammad didn’t forbid feasting meat, […]

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Between a beautiful lie and a painful truth lies the martyrdom of our soldiers. Though all men die in the same way, there are a few exceptions to this rule. The young officers, who lay down their lives to protect us, or while training to protect us, are celebrated even […]

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Battling between Heart and Head

It started out as just another Thursday for me! I had an interview scheduled with a journalist. So I headed to Starbucks, had a coffee and a great banter on many subjects while the journalist took notes. Bangalore traffic is bad and usually people who work from home don’t get […]

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My ink has dried but my tears haven’t! 

As the Nation bids adieu to Maj Amit Deswal, a few words run through my mind: Salutes, Pride, Patriotism and also tears, a heavy heart and a BIG loss to the family. There will be plenty to replace Maj Amit in the Indian Army but no one can replace him […]

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Tweet Reply: Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, National Defence is not quite an art of fiction where we can weave stories from a figment of our imagination. I do the same and know better. It is ground reality to all the people involved. There is this sneaking suspicion that your choice of topic was an […]

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Replyto: Chetan Bhagat article…

  Chetan Bhagat article: Dear Chetan Bhagat    Only if head could always rule the heart, we could have never won wars. I don’t want to die, is what the head says. I’ll die for my country to protect it’s freedom, is what the heart says…… So that writers […]

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They have shed blood, don’t make them shed tears

As I see my retired father’s uniform hanging in the cupboard, I’m reminded of the several operations like Blue Star, IPKF, Mumbai riots, Latur earthquake relief and Kargil in that uniform. It is a constant reminder to me that there were many such men in uniform who got us the freedom India enjoys today.

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A Bright De

Everyone has a life changing moment in their lives and 15th May 2015 encompassed that moment for me when I got to meet my inspirer, Ms Shobhaa De.

When we talk about women contribution to our society, according to me, Ms Shobhaa De is an unmatched epitome of courage inspiring millions through her writings and I am just one amongst those million.

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