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In a world that is getting faker by the minute, The Deliberate Sinner is a refreshingly real and modern novel. The premise is the relationship between a man and a woman and the role sex, or rather good sex, plays in making or breaking the relationship.

The language is a few grades above simplistic, adding perfectly to the complexity of the issue at hand. Rihana and Veer, the protagonists of the book could be you or me, our parents, or our best friend and her husband. It is a story of today…where everything is great in a marriage, if you remove sex from the equation that is. How far would a woman go to get her sexual satisfaction within the confines of marriage? In India, an issue like this would never be a deal breaker right? Wrong. In today’s India, it could be, and hello, a woman might be the one who calls it quits! Bhaavna Arora keeps it short, crisp, risqué and true to the end.

It is a risky and bold topic to launch one’s self as an author, but it needed to be told and it has. Very well!

The Deliberate Sinner

Indians on women orgasm! Hilarious!

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