My ink has dried but my tears haven’t! 

As the Nation bids adieu to Maj Amit Deswal, a few words run through my mind: Salutes, Pride, Patriotism and also tears, a heavy heart and a BIG loss to the family.

There will be plenty to replace Maj Amit in the Indian Army but no one can replace him for his grieving father, mother, wife, a three year old son or those friends who were brother-in-arms.

The combing operation is over. The heads might be high but hearts are heavy with the loss. An unbearable loss. A body wrapped in tri colour, a 21 gun salute. The entire nation mourning him. A soldier can’t meet death in a better way.

That’s what he is meant to do right? Die for the nation? He is only meant to protect, but if he does get martyred in the process it’s the Nation’s  responsibility that his widowed wife doesn’t have to run pillar to post for her legitimate rights. And it is the nation’s responsibility that his child is taken care of better than if Maj Amit were alive, would’ve done for him. And it is the nation’s responsibility that his aged parents are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. After all losing a son for a flag and our peace is quite a bargain. Only the brave can do it.

This might be the nth time I’m writing about a martyred soldier. My ink has dried but my tears haven’t. Another good soul goes. But the soul has truly gone up. For you and for me!

RIP Braveheart!

Maj Amit Amar Rahe!