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Mistress of Honour (2015)

Mistress of Honour is a book that depicts the courage and bravery of Indian soldiers in various operations and battles which is inspired from true stories. The unmatched sacrifice and love for a nation can only be recited through the life of a true soldier and that is the intention behind writing this book. 

 The script covers various operations from the history of Indian Defense Forces; Incidents captured in the book range from Operation Blue star to the battle of Kargil. The book intends to not only encourage youth towards joining armed forces but also refreshes and reminds people of the immense sacrifice made my our soldiers in the line of duty.

 It also brings out the endurance of the soldiers’ families who selflessly let go off their sons, husbands, fathers and brothers for the safety of the nation. It takes more than grandeur to kill and die for the nation.

Mistress of Honour: Book Review

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