Know the Author

 A hardcore academician, Bhaavna has been an ace student and avid, top ranking scholar. It was but natural for her to pursue a double MBA in Human resource Management and one in Marketing!

 From a learner to a teacher was a smooth transition. She started teaching at the school level and has taught almost all subjects.  Her qualifications and skills eventually ensured that she moved up and along fast, and before long she was Assistant Professor at a prestigious B School in Bangalore.

 Her forte has been in teaching courses related to Leadership and Strategic Management. Not only did she rise to the position of Associate Professor she also became the Director of the same B School!

 Apart from excelling at academics, Bhaavna is also a sports person of some reckoning! She is a yellow belt holder in Judo and Karate. She has represented her district in swimming and basketball and enjoys taking part in car rallies.


On the personal front, Bhaavna is a vivacious young woman, independent, strong yet feminine with a very balanced outlook to life. She has a philanthropist’s heart and has been sponsoring a young boy’s education.  Her hobbies include reading and writing and watching movies! This well-travelled global citizen has backpacked her way through Thailand, Europe, Hong Kong, Bali, Macau, Mauritius and USA! Her most prized possession? Her  Audi!

The Deliberate Sinner is her debut book and many more to come!